Saltwater Pros to Launch Free Charter Booking Service

Saltwater Pros is excited to announce the launch of our free fishing booking service for charters in the United States. On Jan 1, 2022, Saltwater Pros will allow fishing enthusiast from around the globe to research and book fishing participating fishing charters. This is a free service to both the bookers and the charters alike.

“At Saltwater Pros, our charter captains are one of our biggest assets. Not only do they provide invaluable content for our platform, they are a huge lead source for our retail platform,” said Sean Hakes, CEO of Saltwater Pros. “With our in-depth experience in digital marketing, we’re confident we can return the favor to our charter partners by elevating their business and driving bookings year-round at no cost to them,” he added.

The Saltwater Pros app which is currently in beta will allow end-users to buy fishing gear, read and watch product specific reviews by our pro team, join virtual and in-person fishing workshops, book a fishing charter, watch the new Saltwater Pros.TV series and much more.

2022 – 2023 roll outs include bait and tackle vending machines, and ‘shop to dock’ same day delivery on in-stock items.

Learn more about booking Myrtle Beach Fishing Charters.

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